Community-Based Energy Development

C-BED Revenue Counter

The following description explains how the C-BED revenue counter works.
  1. All known C-BED projects (as defined by the parameters described in the key elements section on this web site) were inventoried with start dates, project size, and electricity production amounts in kWh/year. The earliest project began in 1997. Note that all currently known C-BED projects are wind power projects. Additional data for new projects and other sources of community-based energy projects will be included as data become available.
  2. The total amount of electricity generated from project inception to today, in kWh, was calculated based on the above inventory. For wind energy, an average of 6,001.47 kWh/day for each MW of installed capacity was used in the calculations, based on empirical data from a specific subset of known projects and subsequently extrapolated to all projects.
  3. The total kWh amount was multiplied by a specific fixed price of $0.048/kWh. Determination of this price was based on an analysis of known data.
  4. The current elapsed-time dollar amount result is recalculated once each second, and the new total displayed in the revenue counter box.
Note that for purposes of this revenue counter, C-BED projects are based on data known to us at the time of posting. As more data are collected, the underlying assumptions and revenue counter drivers are expected to change, resulting in greater accuracy of the displayed results. Note also that the revenue counter ignores the substantial increased one-time local benefits acquired as a result of the construction of community-based energy development projects.