Community-Based Energy Development

2007 C-BED Legislative Initiative

The 2007 ammendments to Minnesota's C-BED legislation (first passed in 2005) provides the Minnesota Department of Commerce with better tools for measuring the contribution of C-BED projects to local economies and to the economic health of Minnesota, and it opens up C-BED to all renewable energy resources, not just wind. Minnesota-based electric utilities can form partnerships with C-BED Qualifying Owners to do projects that bring financial and political benefits to all parties. Municipal and Cooperative Power Companies can now join the C-BED family, and do projects that benefit their local Coop and Municipal members. The new legislation also directs electric utilities to work with C-BED and other stakeholders to identify where distributed and dispersed renewable energy generation facilities can be located throughout Minnesota, in a way that optimizes the efficient use of the existing powerline grid, and then expands our existing grid strategically to accommodate the next sets of C-BED projects. This strategic enhancement of the transmission system promises tremendous savings to electricity ratepayers, while creating major opportunities for ordinary Minnesota citizens to make money by being directly involved with the renewable energy commitments made by our Minnesota Legislature during this legislative session.

Summary of Minnesota's 2007 C-BED Legislation - Describes the May 2007 C-BED Legislative Initiative (courtesy of the Minnesota Project).

C-BED Press Release Announcing Minnesota's Successful 2007 C-BED Legislation - Formal press release from announcing the successful 2007 C-BED legislation.