Community-Based Energy Development

Additional Resources in Canada


Manitoba Sustainable Energy Association - Supporters of C-BED in Manitoba have been taking advantage of the significant experience of both Ontario and Minnesota in deploying community-based wind energy.

Community-Based Energy Development in Manitoba - Describes a community-based initiative in Manitoba that seeks to leverage the cooperative model used successfully in Ontario.


Ontario Wind Cooperatives

WindShare is Canada's first share capital cooperative, formed in 2002, and manages the 750kW wind turbine in downtown Toronto.

Positive Power Co-op is a not-for-profit cooperative dedicated to promoting and generating clean, sustainable energy through community-based renewable energy projects and education.

GREEN Cooperative is a share capital cooperative organization incorporated in October 2005 to develop and operate electricity wind turbines in Ontario for the benefit of its members.
Ontario Sustainable Energy Association - A strong supporter of advanced renewable tariffs (standard offer contracts), which are used to support community-based energy development in the province.

Ontario Sustainable Energy Association's ARTs - Web page with links to key documents in Ontario SEA's ART recommendations.

Powering Ontario Communities - An Ontario Sustainable Energy Association study outlining policy options to encourage small or community-owned renewable energy generation in Ontario.

Advanced Renewable Tariffs (ART) Approach - Describes Ontario Sustainable Energy Association's Advanced Renewable Tariff approach toward community energy development in Ontario.

Ontario Landowner's Guide to Wind Energy - A good primer from the OSEA web site on wind energy for the landowner (2005).