Community-Based Energy Development

C-BED Calculator

The C-BED organization has developed several spreadsheets that illustrate the use of the C-BED concepts of NPV rate and front-loading.

Basic NPV Rate Model - This spreadsheet describes the basic C-BED concepts of NPV rate and front-loading. Years 1-10 are shown at a price of $0.053/kWh, dropping to $0.031/kWh in year 11, then increasing by $0.001 every two years up to $0.035/kWh in years 19 and 20. At a discount rate of 7%, this results in an NPV rate of $0.0245.

C-BED Calculator - This spreadsheet incorporates the concepts from the basic NPV rate model in order to illustrate graphically the cash flow benefits of front-loading. Note: this spreadsheet is designed to illustrate concepts at a relatively high level and therefore doesn't address certain detailed cost and benefit calculations such as depreciation, tax considerations, and detailed project, operation and mantenance costs. A more detailed pro forma C-BED model is available to persons who become members of at the developer level ($1,000 USD).