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C-BED grew from the experience of community-based wind developers and community activists. We observed that an inordinate proportion of the financial benefits accruing from wind resources was leaving our local communities, and we found that the electric utility regulatory environment made it difficult for community-based producers such as ourselves to share in the benefits of local energy development.

We experimented with a variety of policy tools in order to support direct community participation in the growing wind industry. Our approach is based on our own experience in the wind farming business, and thus represents solutions to the real-world challenges we faced when we built our wind farms.

We have begun collecting information about other successful (and unsuccessful) community-based energy development initiatives in North America in order to recommend tools and models that improve the likelihood of success for community-based energy initiatives in the future.

We seek to share our experience with other supporters of community-based energy development initiatives, and we seek to collaborate on solutions that will most effectively result in widespread deployment of environmentally benign community-based energy development projects.

Community-Based Energy Development
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